I’m being pulled back to a familiar place…

familiar place writing blogging

I’ve been experiencing a bit of a shift lately, like I’ve finished a book and closed the cover. A few things have been gently guiding me back to a familiar place, so familiar that I could have called it ‘home’.…
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Removing self care from my To Do list

self care carefree me time

I’ve been in the middle of a miniature burn-out, lately. I’m three quarters of the way through a tough full-time semester at Uni and I’m working hard on freelance projects for existing clients and my own business ventures. Amongst all this…
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Hey Little One (A letter to my 18 year old self)

letter to my 18 year old self

My partner’s little sister is turning 18 this weekend, and offering her a few words of advice has led me to reflect on what insight I would impart on on myself ten years ago, if I had the opportunity to. So here is a…
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In the library: Essential summer reading

healthy party girl summer reading list books

I have always thought that summer is the perfect time for resting, relaxing, and reading. It usually means longer holidays, and plenty of time to do absolutely nothing. Unless you have the type of brain that can’t shut down, like…
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Looking back on 2016… Designing a year.

new year's resolution year design

No, that’s not a typo. Have you ever made a new year’s resolution? We’re going to shake it up. Imagine it is the end of this year and you’re about to celebrate New Year’s Eve 2016. ‘Woah, slow down, the…
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17 healthy habits for going back to work

healthy habits work

This week it’s back to work time for many people after New Year, and I know only too well how hard it can be to readjust once you’ve had a couple of days or weeks of relaxation and possibly indulgence too.…
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Reflecting on the year that was 2015

2015 gold black new year

Yesterday my love and I sat down with a coffee at a café near my parents place here in Melbourne and reflected on the year that we have had. It’s been one hell of a ride, and we’ve had some amazing…
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Excuse us while we’re mid-facelift

We’re back! I managed to retrieve and import my archived posts from the last 7-8 years and I’m so relieved. It’s going to take some time and work until I’m satisfied that the blog is back up and running as it…
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Biting the bullet… (hello, again!)

full moon

{deep breath} Hello. It’s been a while. Six months, in fact. If you were one of my readers then, you may have noticed that my entire blog has gone. All the way back to 2008 and under a different name, it’s…
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