How come ‘healthy’ seems to be either paleo and cross-fit or yoga and raw food these days?

I’m over it.

Not because any of those things aren’t just fine, but because cookie-cutter health is not actually a feasible concept (mmm… cookies). Who says you can’t enjoy a bourbon on the weekends, prefer pole dancing class to running, or identify as Iron Chef Carbs, and still be a picture of health!? It can’t be just me…

I’m Ceri Kidby-Salom, a health and life coach, I cook rad healthy food, and I have stories that would make your Mama blush. The airy-voiced, hippy-bohemian, kaftan-wearing coach is not an image I identify with. I do, however, think that we should eat like we give a f*ck and properly fuel all of the awesome shit that we want to do in our lives.

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Healthy Party Girl started as a health and fitness blog way back in 2008 while working at a not-for-profit and moonlighting as a music journalist (and later also working at a record label). Trying to find a balance between experiencing all the things while staying healthy, and my passion for nutrition and good food both featured heavily. Over time I lost my way, and then found it again, and decided to go all-in and do certificates in Food Psychology & Eating Habits, Holistic Health Coaching, Personal Training, Weight Loss & Body Transformation, and am currently completing a Bachelor of Health Science (Nutritional Medicine). So I know a few things.

I’m super keen to help people who want to make changes in their health or life but don’t have the support or know-how, people who have just discovered they have dietary requirements and no idea what to cook (or just never learned how), people who are sick of the airy-fairy wellness vibe and just want some real-talk and practical guidance, and anyone who feels isolated because they are trying to be a better version of themselves but no-one around them has caught up to their vibe yet.

Is any of that sounding like you? Awesome. Come over here…

I believe that with the right education, support, and motivation, together we can change the world.

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