Addicted to Pole


I had my curious little eye on poledancing for quite some time, but first I was underage then I had no money and then I had no friends that were doing it. I knew my parents weren’t going to be supportive so I just forgot about it. Then I found out that one of my friends whose figure I really admired had been doing poledancing for quite some time. In fact, she had been going to the exact place that I had my eye on for lessons. Some time later she moved studios and then decided to have a break from learning, after getting all the way up to level five! Then I learnt she had put a pole in her own home! Amazing! Now I was getting really excited to give it a go.

At the start of 2008, after putting it off, and putting it off, I made it my New Years resolution that I was going to haveĀ  go at this cheeky exercise class. Then I realised there was a studio around the corner from my house and I bit the bullet and signed up for their level one class. I flew through, loved it and passed level one first go. Then I mixed up my timetable for the next term and missed out, but that didn’t deter me. I got a friend to start so I had someone to go with and we passed level two together the following term. Then level three. Then we had the opportunity to perform as a group at the end of year recital, so we signed up for the level four class and the level three performance classes. I loved every minute of it! It wasn’t just for strippers, there were women of all shapes and sizes and fitness levels, and that was the best part!


I loved poledancing so much that I started doing two classes a week and within a couple of weeks, my housemate commented that my tone and definition had improved visibly in only a few weeks. I felt great! I was exercising and hadn’t even thought of it as a chore, I just wanted to do more and more classes. My arms had so much more definition, my legs and my stomach were stronger and my confidence had increased heaps! Even a friend of ours commented to me that his uber-shy girlfriend’s confidence had skyrocketed and he was so grateful that we’d dragged her along to give it a go. She couldn’t commit to the same time every week so she didn’t sign up for another term, but me and my friend were hooked. I did two or three classes a week and wanted more!Inter2

Unfortunately I loved it so much that I took a job working reception at the studio and all of a sudden my dance time decreased, I missed performance rehearsals, I didn’t get to finish level four, any of the times I tried to while I was working there and I ended up working so much that I never got to see my partner, as all of the class times and functions were on the weekends and in the evenings during the week. Not only that but my ultimate dream is to be able to teach the dance I love so much and I had no hope of that as Admin staff. I saw not one, but four of my class friends go on to teach classes or take functions and I missed out time and time again. So in the end, I gave up. I decided to start taking classes at the new studio of the place my original poledancing friend had started out. And after the Open Day, I was hooked again! I’d found my love of pole all over again. So while I finished my last term, determined to finish level four once and for all, I started back at beginners to work on my technique and learn all the little extra bits and get the different perspective of a new method to try and become the best poledancer I could be.

Inter3I tried out my new school’s mid-year competition and totally fluffed my audition, I was so nervous. So I signed up for my old school’s mid year competition, in the intermediate category and just forgot about the competition part entirely and gave it my all. And you know what, I had so much fun that it totally erased any doubt in my mind that this is the sport and the hobby for me. Now I’m focusing on increasing my strength, flexibility and improving my technique as well as working on moves that I haven’t quite been able to get before. I am proud to tell people that I poledance for fitness and fun and they are often impressed by my strength and even more so if I show them any of the moves I’ve learned. I’m always trying to get my girlfriends to come down and give it a go because they really have no idea what they’re missing. My partner bought me an X-pole for Christmas last year but after moving back in with my parents I lent it to a friend starting up her own poledancing school! How exciting!

Yes, I can do all of the moves on this page, and more! I now learn at Pole Divas in Richmond, come check them out at Level 2/252 Church Street, Richmond, VIC.

Images taken from – studios in Richmond, Prahran, Moonee Ponds and Mornington. Call 1800 POLEDIVAS.

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