The HPG Bikini Body Challenge

Summer is a month and a half away. The warmer weather will probably begin before then and I am freaking out. Mainly because I’m hoping to spend most of Summer in a bikini and it’s been a while since my pasty white ass saw the sun. Let’s just say I’m not exactly feeling body confident and looking at the photo board I have in my room only confirms what I’ve already had hinted at me… I’ve put on just a few kilos in the last couple of years. Granted, I was partying pretty hard then, so this time I’ve challenged myself to get into shape the old-fashioned way. Hard work!

My tools:

genesistimetable Gym timetable. I’ve had this gym membership for a year now and I really don’t think I’ve gotten as much out of it has I should have. However, it’s a really fantastic gym and there’s a wide variety of classes so there’s no excuse for me not to go most days. The plan is to do an intense group class or a low-impact class plus a 5km run as many days as I can. Also, if I’m having a lazy day I can do half an hour on the cross-trainer while I watch Girls of the Playboy Mansion. Win-win. This fortnight’s special challenge: to try out every single different class on the timetable.

skinnybitchSkinny Bitch. This book pretty much changed my life. It’s a vegan diet, with an emphasis on organic, cruelty-, chemical-free eating and living and it talks a lot of sense without using lots of big words. Having studied nutrition there is  lot of fact in this book. When I stopped drinking soft-drinks, especially diet soft-drinks, I felt better immediately. So I’ll be following the four-week meal plan as best I can, with a few little changes of my own. Those bitches are crazy if they think I’m giving up coffee and weekly drinks with the girls. Special challenge for this fortnight: keep a food diary so I have to answer to myself and balance it. *shudder*

MirandaKerrVS Inspiration. Miranda Kerr in a bikini is enough to make anyone want to kill it at the gym. I used to have a picture of her as my wallpaper on my iPhone for when I was listening to it at the gym, to help me push through that pain barrier (which is about the equivalent of a paper-cut for me because I’m a pussy) so I think it’s time to reinstate it. I also had a picture of her I carried around in my wallet until it broke to remind me that when I’m about to eat something unhealthy to think “What Would Miranda Eat”. I’m kidding, it’s because she’s stunning and my boyfriend at the time and I had a big crush on her. But it’s on my bedroom wall next to my door now to remind myself. She eats a healthy, organic diet, works out regularly, does yoga every day and generally lives a very healthy lifestyle. What’s not to love about a girl like her? Special challenge: find a picture of myself that I like and use it for inspiration too, that way I’m not trying to match someone else’s body which is completely impossible!

What I’m not going to use. Scales, measuring tape, calorie counters or anything that has numbers on it. Why? Because that’s not a realistic guide of my progress and health. When summer comes around, I want to look in the mirror as I buy a hot new bikini and like what I see. Because body confidence is worth a million dollars and I’m not going to sacrifice my health, skin and happiness to see a particular number on the scales and neither should you. So there!

I’ll check back in a couple of weeks, if anyone wants to join me on my challenge, comment and we’ll celebrate our hard work together 🙂 Good luck!


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