Biting the bullet… (hello, again!)

{deep breath}

Hello. It’s been a while. Six months, in fact. If you were one of my readers then, you may have noticed that my entire blog has gone. All the way back to 2008 and under a different name, it’s all contained within an export file that I can’t access, and there it will stay for now. I suppose I am glad to be starting afresh, but the starting itself has been something I have resisted so much, until now. I could go into details but let’s just say I’ve had a good, long think about what I want in life, online, and in my writing.


I’m so pleased to be back. I’ve missed sharing my journey with you, and exploring the ways that I can be a better version of myself—the ways that we can be better versions of ourselves, and kick the kind of arse that we deserve to be kicking. We’re strong enough, you know. Yes, both of us. It hasn’t felt that way consistently throughout the six months that I stepped back from writing. It’s been so hard some days, to even muster enough creative energy to write in my journal, let alone write for other eyes.

However, the bigger picture is calling, and I can’t stay away any longer. I’m too hungry for change, too excited to walk together again on this path, and too itchy to get amongst it all. I will try to be consistent with my dropping in, but I know that is a challenge for me, and whatever I do will be progress. Please remember, my loves, that everything we do in the direction of our ultimate dream is progress. I have so many stories to share with you, and I will in time.

This particular visit is just to say hello, yes, I am here (not dog). It’s strange to be starting all over, but I am doing things with a little more intention and clarity this time, and it feels right. What better time to jump back into things that at the time of the full moon, in Scorpio, no less. “Whether or not we feel entirely ready, this time around the Universe will not be taking No for an answer”. On that note, I have a few projects that I am looking forward to sharing when the time is right, but for now I am just happy to be writing again.

Thank you for joining me here, it’s good to be home.

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