Need some body love? Get a boost here!

Yesterday I traveled up to Noosa to visit a lovely friend for her birthday, and was delighted to not only spend time with her man—an old friend of mine—but meet her lovely group of girlfriends. Aside from an awesome night, one too many champagnes and a hot tub hangout, I got to hear about all of the amazing things that these women have achieved and aspire to, and witness the support and love they have for each other. Just beautiful. I was also treated to a lift home and a gorgeous soul-chat with one of them, which inspired me so much.

I appear to have a surplus of love at the moment, so I thought I’d spread it around a bit in the spirit of  Self Love Saturday. After a night away I was pretty happy to see my love and showered him in kisses and compliments. This afternoon I sent a gushy email to the writer of a wonderful poem, and love notes and compliments to friends via Twitter. It feels good to share the love! Try it next time you need a lift, and make sure you’re giving yourself the same treatment too.

What is “pretty”?

One of the things I have been thinking about over the last couple of days is body image and physical appearance; my own, due to my braces finally coming off, as well as body image, body love, and self love in general. Check out the video for Beyoncé‘s new single, which I think is a powerful visual companion to the strong message of the song. What does pretty mean to you?

Ask Amy: Body image

The wonderful Amy Poehler has a video series as part of her Smart Girls movement, called Ask Amy. In this episode, a woman has written in asking for advice about body image and Amy gives an absolutely spot-on response. Share it with anyone who is feeling down in the dumps about their body, but it works for general stuff as well.

Write it down!

One of the things I totally recommend is writing down things you are grateful for in a journal so you can keep a record, to read or add to as you need. Same goes for compliments you receive; we often dwell on the negative comments that we make to ourselves and receive from others, instead of thinking about all the things we like or are stoked about.

We believe the words we use to talk about ourselves. So say something nice!
You are worthy. You are talented. You are beautiful. You are capable. You can do it. You are loved.

Share your thoughts, I'd love to hear from you!