HPG’s dirty secret

This Healthy Party Girl has a secret. I’m a dirty smoker. Not an everyday, going out for a smoko, have one with coffee in the morning, must have a cigarette or I’m a grumpy bitch smoker, just a slightly-more-than-social smoker. When I’m drinking, hanging out with other dirty smoker friends or having a tough day, I get a kick out of lighting up one of my luxury brand 46 cuts per inch, low chemical cigarettes. And yes, I’ve even justified it to myself.

But smoking is a disgusting habit. One I’ve had since I was in early high school. Sometimes a (twenty) pack a day, sometimes clean for months, I’ve always told myself I’d quit when I didn’t like it anymore or when I got married, whichever came first. I’m sick of kidding myself that it’ll be any easier then, that I’ll just be able to stop as soon as either of those things happen. Yes, I enjoy smoking and that’s why I do it, but I don’t like what it’s doing to me, so I’m going to have to make a choice.

Butt out

Sacrifice is not something I’m good at, but I’ve come to the realization that having the early symptoms of emphysema (I’ve had the dreaded smoker’s cough ever since I had H1N1 earlier this year) at 22 years old isn’t sexy. Smoking smells, it makes you age fast and it costs too much. Let alone adding to respiratory problems and the risk of lung cancer and other nasties. Talk about a party pooper. I’m sacrificing my health, looks and sense of smell by smoking. And I love food, breathing and having nice skin, so what am I really doing to myself?

Smoking used to be hot. Now it’s not. It’s time for this party girl to give up my beloved Fine Cuts and make the change to clearer skin, renewed lung capacity and having more money spare at the end of the weekend or for my namesake cocktail. And not being a hypocrite. Smoking isn’t healthy, get real. It’s gross and it’s killing me. So I’m going to quit.

So how am I going to do it? Let’s look at the options.
Chewing gum. Can’t, have braces. So that’s out.
Nicotine inhaler. Habit, not nicotine addiction. No thanks.
Willpower. Because obviously I have so much of that. Next.
Quitting buddy. Anyone keen?
Avoidance. Stay out of smoking situations. Let’s give that a go.
Cutting down gradually. Sounds like a plan.


I’ve got my last emergency cigarette, my QUIT pack is on the way in the mail, I’ve got a gym plan that will knock the tar out of a road let alone my lungs, have resolved to stay out of situations where I’d be smoking as much as possible for a couple of weeks and we’ll see how we go.

I’ll keep you posted.

Join me: http://www.quit.org.au/ or call 13QUIT in Australia to order your free pack.

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