Have you been hit with social media fatigue?

from weheartit: by @_panda_draw

from weheartit: by @_panda_draw

There must be something in the air amongst my social networks, because people are bailing from them left, right, and centre.

High-profile coaches have deleted their social profiles, taken purposeful breaks from their blogs, and gracefully handed over their digital reins.

Even amongst my friendship groups I have noticed a shift away from Facebook and other platforms. I’ve always balked at the idea—especially now it’s my business AND my connection to my home city—until now.

Recently I’ve been scrolling through BlogLovin, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and even Tumblr like a madwoman, searching for anything that night inspire, delight, or even just interest me, and I’ve come up empty-handed so much of the time. Then it hit me.

With over 650 Facebook friends, over 1000 liked pages between my personal profile and page, and almost 30 groups posting into my timeline, I was experiencing an extreme case of social media fatigue.

The girls who bullied me in high school? Unfriend
The guys from my TAFE course in 2009? Unfriend
The fan page from an old job? Unlike
The managers who made my work life miserable? Unfollow
The health & wellness personalities that were huge last year but don’t really resonate with me? Unlike

I unliked every page, left all but five groups, and unfriended 330 people that I’m no longer in contact with, or don’t care to be.

What a relief.

There was some wack shit in there, and I feel so much lighter logging in to Facebook to see the things I care about, and nothing else.
I also deleted two old business pages of mine, and then I hovered over the one I have now, for this blog and my coaching business.


My page has so few fans, but I think it’s a great way to share, so it stays. I’ll definitely be more mindful of how I use it now though.

Have you experienced any social media fatigue lately? Share your thoughts below x


  1. Elizabeth K. Bradley (@ek_bradley)

    A million times YES to this! I do social media strategy and most of my clients are holistic entrepreneurs who feel overwhelmed, and I always tell them: more is not more! Focus on what uplifts and inspires you and grow your tribe there. I don’t even have a fanpage for my biz, after lots of debate whether or not it is as effective as other online platforms. Facebook in general can be a toxic place, in my opinion.

    I think I have some unliking to do LOL!! Little social media detox!

    1. Ceri (Post author)

      Aha, you have insider knowledge, Elizabeth! Thanks for sharing, it’s good to know even the SM pros are feeling it. Great advice! x

  2. Julie Barns

    I disconnected from Facebook about 4 years ago, and haven’t looked back. It was rough going at first – almost like an addiction … wondering was I missing something … but more authentic ways to communicate, with people I wanted to communicate with grew out of the absence of Facebook. A great blog post – thanks!


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