Making wealth a by-product of your desires - wealth as a by-product if desired

Do you desire wealth? Many people do. But have you ever considered what it is about wealth that you desire?

You may have a goal of earning $150,000 per year, having $50,000 in savings or shares, owning your own home, or inheriting the will as your key indicator or wealth.

However, people that achieve these goals aren’t necessarily happy or satisfied. Often they are over-worked, stressed, miserable, or overwhelmed.

If you saved up $50k but were miserable and isolated for two years doing it, scored a $150k pay packet but had no time to relax, or bought a house and had a mortgage to pay but wanted to travel or go back to school, would you still be satisfied having “achieved” your goal?

Consider what is it about wealth you’re attracted to. Is it a measure of your success? Is it the security? Maybe it’s the freedom… Consider the feeling you desire as your goal, and wealth as “by-product”.

Let fame and fortune be a by-product of a life well-lived.

Then, it hit me during a conversation I had with my cousin, that everything I thought I desired were meant to be byproducts, not dreams.

Most of what I’ve desired (money, fame, fortune, accolades, admiration) are byproducts of a life well-lived and a life that is guided by passion and love. Because, although of course it would be wonderful to write a bestselling novel, I have to enjoy the time it takes to write the novel, the bestseller status a natural byproduct (or not!) of the work I put into it. I want money to come as a byproduct of a day to day work that is fulfilling and worthwhile to me. Money, as a goal, has been the most fruitless pursuit of my life and I’m glad I’ve realised this at only 29 years old.

If you shift your focus to the desired feelings behind your goals, you will find achieving them much more satisfying even if the outcomes are not the ones you originally planned for. Your “abundance” may end up being creative output, collected experiences, or meaningful relationships, or it could be a wealth that you wouldn’t imagine within the confines of a salary package.

I desire wealth, absolutely. I desire the freedom that comes from a being debt-free, the adventure and opportunity that comes from location independence, and the feeling of security from having enough resources for my future plans and unforeseen circumstances. Wealth doesn’t provide me with these things, but it’s a by-product of creating a life for myself where these feelings are my reality. It makes the chasing of my dreams a rewarding and exciting adventure, rather than an anxiety-inducing to do list.

Isn’t that where you’d rather be?

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