The New Moon & Equinox: A time for balance and revitalisation - new moon astrology

Whether you’re into Astrology or not, it’s hard to deny that there has been something in the air over the last week. I’m definitely sensitive to the planetary influences as I’ve found too often that there is an accuracy to their predictions. The Spring Equinox in particular is quite interesting because since early time, it has marked the true beginning of Spring and signalled the start of days getting longer (or shorter in the Northern Hemisphere!) and therefore more light and moving toward Summer.

The New Moon in Libra this week marks a time to refresh, renew & revitalise, especially in the area love and relationships. Pluto is now direct and adjunct to the super-galactic centre which presents an opportunity to get in touch with the higher consciousness. Libra is about balance and sharing, and this is a perfect time to set a powerful new intentions, especially relating to your relationships.

The Spring Equinox calls us to pause on the state of balance between the light and the dark—just like Libra is about balance, so is this equinox—and the beauty in both. Activate balance by honouring the transition point and the major changes it brings. Celebrate the return of the light as it is now a time to shine after a winter of planning and preparation.

What amazing energy!

At the start of each month I jot a few notes in my journal from the monthly forecast of my favourite Astrologer, Barbara Goldsmith, and as I move through the month I just let myself be aware of the influences as I go about my usual business. It’s just a good way to use the energy in the Universe to advantage. It can’t hurt to be a little conscious, right?

Have you noticed anything this week? How do things like this affect you? Are you aware of it? Share with me below!
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