I’m being pulled back to a familiar place…

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I’ve been experiencing a bit of a shift lately, like I’ve finished a book and closed the cover. A few things have been gently guiding me back to a familiar place, so familiar that I could have called it ‘home’. I’m being pulled to spend some time back here in my blog.

Lately, to supplement my income while I’m studying and slowly building up my health coaching client base, I’ve been working as a Virtual Assistant to some fab lady-bosses. One of them mentioned to me that before she had her own health-based business, she worked for a company who sent supplements and superfoods to influential health and fitness bloggers to review. Guess who was on that media list!

I also started chatting a little bit more to the effervescent Connie Chapman, and felt called to meander through some of her old blog posts on her former blog, A Life of Perfect Days… it’s so interesting to look back at the transformational journeys and the early iterations of websites of other bloggers, when you remember what you were doing back then. I would have considered all the women who I look up to now as my peers back then, though my life has had a vastly different trajectory since.

While I was living in Melbourne, I made a huge vision board with my goals on it. However, I was so ashamed of how little I had accomplished on it, that I put it away once I got here and kept it hidden. Then I suddenly wanted to look at it… and I still desire all the same things! In a way, I feel like I have come full circle and am now I’m being pulled to re-open the book at the page where I closed it all those years ago. It feels expansive and exciting again, and… peaceful… a familiar place again.

It has been all to easy for me judge myself for not accomplishing what I could have—or “should have”—and for being “so many years behind”… but I’m done with that. I’m making room for the wave of positivity by choosing to close the door on negativity. We ain’t friends anymore. I know deep down that with a little consistent action, and showing up for yourself everyday, you can actually create the life you dream of. I know this because I have seen my soul sisters rise up around me, and the belief in myself has finally come flooding back.

There have been a few other things that have nudged me a little too. I used to love writing so, so much that I blogged frequently, moonlighted as a music journalist, and had notebooks full of fragments that I hoped would work themselves into a book, and now I’d just like to see how it feels again. Life is so different now, but I’m now living so much more authentically that I’m looking forward to returning to my familiar place and sharing it with you again, so I hope you’ll have me.


p.s. I’ve been taking part in #theimperfectboss campaign on Instagram, so I highly recommend checking it out for a behind the scenes look at what it’s really like to be a freelancer, solopreneur, or even the boss!

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