Stuck? Ask yourself; is this rebellion or resistance?

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We love to embody the rebel. She’s dangerous, she’s sexy, she does the things you’re too chicken shit to do. When you’ve got shit to do and she’s all up in your business doing whatever the hell she wants, it’s time to ask; is this rebellion or resistance?

I’m no stranger to either of these states. The phrase “I do what I want” is bandied about our home on the regular, often with the patient and endlessly loving response, “I know you do, babe”. However, sometimes in order to get where we want in life, we need to do things that we don’t want to do. The Rebel hates this shit. Fuck authority! Who are you to tell me I need this qualification, this exercise regime, this healthy diet, this savings plan… I do what I want!

Are you experiencing rebellion or resistance?

I’m all for blazing your own trail, believe me. ‘Rebelling with grace‘ as my favourite mentor and wise woman, Tara Bliss, is known to say. Is it rebellion or resistance when we are actively sabotaging our scheduled workouts, ignoring our meal plans in favour of winging it, or shirking a boring lecture in favour of a rad networking event? If you are occasionally doing those things, you might be having a rebellious moment and you should embrace it with curiosity. If you’re pretending these obligations or commitments don’t exist, it’s resistance.

Ask yourself

  • Why am I rebelling in this instance?
  • What am I feeling so “fuck tha police” about in this very moment?
  • Does it serve me; does it create a new pathway to get to my goals?
  • Or, does it send me back a few paces on my existing path?

Is it resistance?

Once we’re in the habit of ignoring authority, the rebellion has gone on too long, or we are actively not doing something rather than choosing a rebellious alternative, we can be sure as shit that the phase we are in is not rebellion but resistance. Resistance by definition is a force that actively opposes motion. It is not an organised subversion that replaces one authority with another, as in rebellion.

Resistance is avoiding a problem or task or event that will get you to your end goal.
Rebellion is finding a different way to approach the problem that suits you better.

Keep your Rebel in check

If want to keep moving forward but find yourself resisting “the plan”, then your Rebel may lead you down a more congruent path. Be curious, allow yourself to feel into it, and don’t be afraid to do something you haven’t done before or isn’t considered ‘the norm’. You may be considered a disruptor or create a new trend, if it’s relating to your health then you might just find the golden ticket; a routine that is fun, sustainable, and gets you the results you’re after.

Keep checking back in with your goals, and keep asking yourself; is this rebellion or resistance? Life is supposed to be a pleasure and for the most part, flow. Sometimes there are things we don’t enjoy as much that we just have to get done so we can get back to the good stuff. That’s life. Find a way to make it fun, allow your Rebel to unearth a better way to do it, or conjure up a reward so juicy that you can’t wait to dive in. That, I believe, would be considered rebelling with grace.

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