Reflecting on the year that was 2015

Yesterday my love and I sat down with a coffee at a café near my parents place here in Melbourne and were reflecting on the year on the year that we have had. It’s been one hell of a ride, and we’ve had some amazing experiences and learning opportunities. We reflected on what the highlights were, what we want more of, and our goals for the new year too.

Purely based on the highlights that were shared on my Instagram, we had a great year!

  1. Pasta and wine in Trastevere, Italy. I think I left a piece of my heart in Rome, it was absolutely divine. Walking, eating, being challenged by immersion in another language. Absolutely beautiful.
  2. Making my own granola from Donna Hay’s Fresh & Light magazine, remembering why I love cooking so much, and creating lighter alternatives.
  3. Ballet with my love. Being “papped” resulted in a surprise realisation about how I hadn’t been prioritising my health and had gained weight, but the look in his eyes in this photo is so beautiful.
  4. Making bliss balls with a recipe from my Nutritionist—a big step in itself—with gorgeous doTERRA oils. Peppermint and lemon turned these healthy treats into something special.
  5. Juices while I was home sick. Surrendering to rest and listening to the message that my body was trying to tell me led me right back to my original path of health and wellness. Ah, of course.
  6. Discovering our new favourite local, The Stores, and our first meal back from Italy with local produce and of course tomatoes, olives, and buffalo mozzarella. Absolute heaven and a great community meeting spot.
  7. Travelling to the Infinite weekend with Tara Bliss & Rachel MacDonald. It symbolised making the commitment to B-School and to my business, to being part of this sisterhood and creating this life.
  8. Finally going back to the pole studio. It’s sporadic, but dance is a requirement in my life, for fitness, for femininity, for strength, for pleasure. Learning to be a beginner again in so many areas of my life.
  9. Cooking healthy meals full of vegetables, and getting crafty in the kitchen. Such a pleasure for me and really the fundamental element of my business and creative outlet, and of course the pleasure of it all.

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What I am grateful for this year 

This whole year at my “corporate” job has been a huge learning experience, beautiful financial assistance, and I have made some absolutely amazing friends. I’m so grateful for the opportunity but also grateful to be able to let it go and move on to the things that truly light me up. Discovering doTERRA and joining a huge-hearted team that doesn’t so much strive as rise together, with an ethically sourced health-supporting product to boot, just feels like the perfect amount of challenge and fun. I’m so grateful to have risen to the rank of Executive already, and that is just in the pockets of time that I have had.

Paying off a large amount of debt, I am both proud and grateful for that. Being able to make B-School part of my life, also both proud of grateful. These two things I could not have done without the support of my love. I’m grateful for training with my awesome personal trainer, Phoebe, and being able to see two of my beautiful girlfriends get married (one of them to a long-term friend of mine and the catalyst for my blog in the first place). I’m super grateful for the amazing group of women I now call friends, and having people in Brisbane that help me feel connected to the community.

I’m happy to have been working on my own shit all year, so that I can return to writing, return to my purpose, and come back home to myself. It’s not always easy, but I can definitely tell you that commitment and consistency pays off. My intention for 2016 is to have a platinum year of consistency and implementation.

Tell me, what’s your intention for 2016?

Share your thoughts, I'd love to hear from you!