Self-worth running low? My 30 minute Awesomeness Audit will top you up!

self-worth running low? Take my 30 minute awesomeness audit.

Forgotten how awesome you are?

We’ve all had those days, weeks, or even longer periods of time with our self-worth running low. We’ve felt stuck, unmotivated, worthless, and unaccomplished. It’s a real downer and doesn’t even help us get to where we want to go. You can lose sight of what you’ve been working so hard for, and feel tempted to give up… or even sabotage yourself by actually giving up and then feeling worse later. Screw that!

Recently I had to take some time out from social media—I felt overwhelmed by the noise, scattered thoughts, and constant notifications. I lost sight of what I was working towards. When was the last time I wrote anything for pleasure, or did something fun for myself? All the goals that I’ve been working on, felt so far away that it was as if I hadn’t accomplished anything at all. Not only that, because I was feeling shitty, I felt like I hadn’t accomplished anything at all, ever!

Releasing that which no longer serves

The last week of my extended period of funk happened to fall in the week of the full moon, followed closed by the Spring Equinox. I seriously felt myself moving through some hardcore shit, so after a huge cry, cuddles, and a big sleep, I felt cleansed and ready to move on. But I still felt like I had a few things to work out. I needed to get super clear on what I was putting in all this effort for…. in a “what is the fucking point” kind of style!

I was well and truly over feeling stuck and shitty. Which meant it was time to get real, stop wallowing in self-pity, and change my attitude and my actions. I needed to give myself a shake by the shoulders and remind myself how awesome I am, to refill my self-worth. If you find your self-worth running low, you feel as if you haven’t amounted to anything, or even that you just aren’t capable. If this is you then block out half an hour, get out a blank piece of paper or a fresh journal page and let’s get into it.

Put on an excellent playlist, pour yourself a drink, and get comfortable. We’re going to the auditor!

Awesomeness audit (30 mins)

  1. Draw a line down the middle of the blank page so you have two columns. Then, draw another line across the page 2-3 inches up, depending on how big the page is. You should have an upside down cross (oops, soz)
  2. Write Skills + Attributes at the top of the left column, Achievements on the right, Why? in the left bottom corner, and in the bottom right, put Note to self:
  3. Take a drink, then a deep breath, and start writing down all of the skills you have and your personality attributes. Start with your favourites and do not stop until you have filled the column.
  4. Now move over to the right column and list everything big and small, that you have finished, accomplished, won, earned, feel proud of, or are relieved to be done with.
  5. In the bottom left, write down the original reason that prompted you to take this road, instead of the alternative. What was your intention, your purpose, your motivating factor?
  6. Now, the bottom right is a space for a reminder. It can be a loving nudge, a kick up the butt, an inspiring quote, or something you have said to your closest friend at your most encouraging.
  7. Once you’re done, take the time to slowly read through everything you have written. Be proud of yourself for the person you are, and what you have accomplished, and remember why you started.

Ta Da! Self-worth running low no more!

A reminder of your awesomeness that you can’t argue with! Stick the piece of paper up where you can see it every day. Mine is above my desk, and my note to myself is ‘Question the doubts, what proof is there?’. We will dispute our successes and blindly accept our shortcomings, which I think is bullshit. Now when I get one of those nasty self-doubting and deprecating thoughts in my head, I will look up at my awesomeness audit right in front of me, and reply “Oh yeah, where’s your proof?”

If you try this, please let me know how you go. I found that it really helped me to have a tangible list with evidence to help me argue back on the occasion I find my self-worth running low and my self-doubt is stealing the show instead… so I hope it helps you too!

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