Victoria Market organics and lunch at Invita

I’ll admit it, whilst I’m not a tight-arse (the opposite, often to my detriment) I jump at the opportunity to have my groceries bought for me by my parents… and my lunch… and my kitten needed kibble and litter… okay, basically I’m super poor right now and take what I can get! So on Sunday around midday my Mum took me to the Queen Victoria Market and gave me some cash to buy myself some supplies. Love her! Since I live on the other side of town it’s kind of nice to head over and spend a few hours once or twice a fortnight catching up. Usually eating Vego food and walking somewhere…

I didn’t make it to the bakery section before they were all sold out, and there were a few other things that are cheaper at my local supermarket so I thought I’d leave them until I can get there. The general food produce section was really busy and just deciding what I wanted became overwhelming. In the end I bailed back to the Organics aisle and holed up a salesperson whilst holding an armful of vegetables. From memory I got asparagus, eggplant, pumpkin, a bag of mixed leaves, avocado, sweet potato, shiitake, tomatoes, yellow capsicum, zucchini, cucumber, pak choi, broccoli and a red onion, plus a can of black beans from another store.

Then I stumbled across these…
They’re Kale Chips! On sale 2 for $10 too! You might ask why I don’t have one of my own photos to supply… well… the Kale chips didn’t last very long and I only discovered them last week on Loving Earth so I was pretty excited about them. It’s hard enough just finding kale at all, so this was mind-blowing.

Lunch was pretty rad as well. I’d never been before, but Invita have a wide selection of wholesome foods, with dietary requirements catered for really well. Menu items catering to Vegan,Gluten Free, Wheat Free, Sugar Free and more are all labelled clearly on the menu and range from $3.50-$13.60, which is quite reasonable. My Mum and I shared a vegetable soup, a tofu burger, a corn cake and side salads and were really quite full afterwards. They did take a while to get the food out to us but they were quite busy, it being lunch time and all.

I’m definitely putting Invita on my “must visit” list for when I’m at Queen Vic Market next. I’m also going to get there a lot earlier later because the bagels sell out early. Plus it gets so busy that I don’t really want to deal with all the people trying to get in before the market closes. If I’d had more time I would have tried to find the stall that had Vegan feta. Oh yes.

I want more kale chips.

Invita – – 73 Thierry Street, Melbourne. ph: 03 9329 1267.

Amanda from Vegan About Town briefly visited Invita as well.




  1. Kate

    HPG – this looks awesome! I had no idea this was here and will have to check it out sometime soon given I work so close by… thanks!! 🙂

    1. Healthy Party Girl

      Be careful though, the organic food section sucks you in really bad… not that it’s terrible spending all one’s money on organic veg! it’s been pretty tasty… 😉

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  3. John Waters

    The meat is wonderful in the Victoria Markets!!


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